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An Unordinary Leader


The goal of any educational institution should be the same to strive for excellence and to provide an environment which nurtures the pleasure of discovery, learning, expression and communication, thereby maximizing intellectual capacity and sensitivity of each student.
One institute which follows this percept very well is The Millennium School.
It is an institution that is unique in multiple dimensions. it is a school founded expressly on the principles of humanistic internationalism in India. However, its founded and way of life are based on Indian traditions, culture and heritage.

Our Goal

From the Principal

The Millennium School identifies and develops the intellectual and creative talents of a diverse group of students. Within supportive and caring college preparatory environment, students are encouraged to achieve their finest in academics, athletics and the arts.

Our ultimate goal is to teach students to live humanely within the community in order to prepare them to meet the demands and responsibilities of the future in the broader world.

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Our Facilities

  • Game Zone
  • Science Lab
  • Music Class
  • Transport
  • Swings For Child
  • Smart Class
  • Computer Lab
  • Library

The Millennium Schools are a national chain of CBSE affiliated co-educational schools, powered by their pedagogy partner Educomp Solutions Limited.


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